Activities for the Music Classroom


for the

Music Classroom

As we all know only too well, students have short attention spans. To keep our lessons interesting and engaging for them we need to change activities a number of times within the lesson.

Here are some ideas for activities to include in your lessons. They can be used to:

  • Begin the lesson
  • Reinforce understanding of lesson/topic content
  • Finish lessons

 FIVE Activities/Ideas

  1. On the board are three answers from last lesson.  What were the questions?
  2. With sheets already out on desks, students are asked to circle the mistakes in the music.
  3. Students arrive to find a number of music sign/symbols or statements visible.  They are asked to identify which is the odd one out, and to justify their conclusion.
  4. A number of key terms are visible on the board/projector and students are given a minute to remember the list. When time is up, rub them off or switch off the projector.  Students have to write out definitions of terms, remembering as many as they can, in a specified time.
  5. Students are asked to summarize the lesson in five sentences, then five words.

Click HERE for more: 26 FANTASTIC ideas for activities with your music class!

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