A Step by Step Guide



Teaching young musicians how to write a melody is not easy!

I have developed and successfully used the process outlined in this booklet for many years with my classes, and it works without fail! 

The pages contained within the Melody Writing Step by Step Guide

Melody Writing Recipe GIFF

My students call it my “melody writing recipe”

The file contains:

NINE page Teachers Resource.

These are the slides that I project onto the the board as I am explaining and demonstrating the melody writing process.  The slides explain in detail, step by step, a process for my students to follow. It takes them through how to write their first four bar melody.

TEN page Student Workbook    

The student booklet follows the teacher slides. As I show the Teachers Resource slides on a digital projector and demonstrate the information one a white board, the students complete the information and mini tasks in their booklet.

You may choose to have your students follow and work in their Student Workbooks as you go through the information and demonstration OR have them watch the demonstration first and then work their way through their booklet.  I have used both strategies and both worked equally well.

The students then take the knowledge and process they have learned and use it to compose TWO 8 bar melodies.

The final TWO pages in the Student Workbook can be copied numerous time to extend the booklet. I have done this and used them for students to continue practicing the melody writing process in various major keys. 

You can find the Melody Writing: Step by Step Guide HERE

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On  June 8, 2014,  Diane J. said:
I love this resource. I am already planning a composition section for next year using this! Thank you…. 🙂
On  February 16, 2014,  Natalie B. said:
This was perfect for my MS general music class. Very useful!
On  March 4, 2014,  Judy L B. said:
A terrific resource!! Thanks
On  January 21, 2014,  Buyer said:
Excellent help for middle school composers
On  October 20, 2013,  Ashtin A. said:
Extremely useful resource! thank you!
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