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26 FREE Guitar Chord Charts

26 FREE Guitar chord charts to download for your music classrtoom

Do you teach guitar in the classroom? Would you like a set of guitar chord charts to display in your music classroom?

I have just created 26 guitar chord charts for use in my guitar classroom this year, and I want to share them with you!

There was a set displayed around my class room, but they were looking a bit old and tired, so I decided to created some new ones. Posters like this are a wonderful aid for visual learners, and excellent as a reminder to students as they rehearse their group work songs.

The new version are very colorful, and a useful addition to the classroom.

I laminate them and display them on the walls as a visual reference for my students.

Another idea is to project the chart/s of the guitar chords you are covering in a class/lesson onto a wall. Students find this clearer to see and easier to follow.

Soooo….. what is in this free download?

26 full page charts of the most commonly learned and used guitar chords for young players

Very clear and easy to read

Suitable for display in your classroom or private studio


26 FREE guitar chord diagrams to display in your music classroom!


Download your copy of the 26 Guitar Chord Charts HERE

26 FREE Guitar chord charts to download for your music classrtoom

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