Ideas for Concert Themes

Ideas for Concert Themes

As music teachers we are expected to ‘put on a show’ at least once or twice a year.

Many of us like to have a theme to the concert – but after a few concerts our ideas for themes runs dry.

I did a search for concert ideas and themes and share with you TWENTY – TWO of the better ones I found.

  1. TV Themes
  2. Nursery Rhyme Characters
  3. Movie Themes
  4. Outer Space
  5. Wild West
  6. Carnival/Circus
  7. Mystery
  8. Tropical
  9. Down on the Farm
  10. Under the Sea
  11. In the Garden
  12. Time Travel
  13. The Toy Shop
  14. Let’s Visit the Zoo
  15. The High Seas
  16. International/Around the World
  17. Jungle Safari
  18. A Blast from the Past
  19. Great Composers
  20. Beatles Favorites
  21. King, Queens and Castles
  22. The Great Outdoors

Add your ideas for Concert Themes in the comment box below so we can add it to our list!

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