Keep Students’ Attention in the Classroom

35 Ways to Keep

Students’ Attention in the

Music Classroom

35 Lesson Starters and other Activities for Music Classes


Music Classroom Ideas and Strategies

Grab students’ attention as, or BEFORE they walk in your door!

Variety is one key to keeping students actively engaged. I’ve used these ideas and activities successfully over the years.

There are 35+ activities, all specifically designed to gain and keep students’ attention in the music classroom.

The activities are divided into the following three categories:

  1. BEGIN your music lessons: there are 17 ideas that are perfect as lesson starters.
  2. REINFORCE understanding of lesson/topic content during the lesson: I’ve included 13 suggestions that work well as review activities
  3. FINISH your music lessons: 5 different ideas for rounding-up your lesson and checking understanding.

These activities work well because:

  • Provide opportunities for students to review and clarify their learning for the lesson.
  • Allow and encourage reflection on what has been learned and finally, they
  • Provide variety of strategies for you the teacher: use varied strategies rather than a repeated routine help to keep your students engaged.

To Conclude, Here is one I like to use with my students:

  • Have THREE ‘answers’ displayed as the students enter the classroom. These could be music words, phrases, notes or other signs/symbols.
  • Written under the words/music sign or symbol is ‘what is the question?
  • Students are asked to give possible questions for each of the THREE given ‘answers’.
  • This is great for a quick review of concepts or vocabulary taught in the previous lesson

Student engagement will be higher and behavior issues lower as a result of incorporating activities such as these into your lessons. 

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