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Music Teacher's - Three tips to make lesson planning easier and less time consuming. FREE download included!! ♫ CLICK through to read more or save for later! ♫

Tips to Make Gathering and Storing

Music Education Resources for Lesson Planning

Easier and Less Time Consuming 


Lesson Prep Getting You Down?

Gathering music education resources and preparing lessons for your classes can be overwhelming and time consuming – especially at the beginning of a new school year! By the time the first day of school rolls around many teachers are already feeling tired and exhausted, and are counting down to the next holiday break.

You feel you need 34, not 24 hours in every day and you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to get everything done! Can you relate?

Your goal is to be prepared, not overwhelmed, right!

The answer is you need to work smarter, not harder!


Here are three tips plus links to music education resources to make lesson planning easier and less time consuming:

  1. Spending 10-20 minutes locating resources, a couple of days a week during your break will save you hours, and lower your stress level! Create a Pinterest board and save lesson ideas and resources to your board


  1. Keep a spread sheet of the resources you use to teach different music concepts. Record the concept, resource name and its location. As you find each new resource, add it to the spreadsheet! This alone saves a great deal of time when planning.


  1. Keep an electronic version of all your lesson plans, and the links to the resources used if necessary!


Online Music Education Resources

Where to Start…. ? Here is a helping hand!

  1. The MTR PINTEREST boards with nearly 16,000 pins is an excellent place to search for ideas and resources, which you can then save to your own PINTEREST boards!
  2. To save you even more time, I have created a one page Music Resources Locator with clickable links to MTR created resources! It’s a free download that you can keep handy in your files.

A free one page download containing links to music education resources to help music teachers prepare units of work and individual lesson for their music classes.

Categories on the Music Education Resource Locator include:









PETER and the WOLF





You can download and save your copy of the one page Music Resource Locator that contains ALL the categories and links HERE

Remember, work smarter, not harder!

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